Mooring System

Surviving the Ocean

Mooring System

The mooring system holds the OE Buoy in position and is key to its survivability in the gale-force winds and extreme sea states likely to be encountered in suitable sites. It has proven capable of surviving the worst the North Atlantic could throw at it. Watch the video:


OE Mooring PicOcean Energy Mooring Technology

Ocean Energy are utilizing proven designs and engineering of their mooring system to ensure that it is capable of surviving the worst of sea conditions.

Throughout the rigorous testing phase in Atlantic Waters the mooring system has already survived over 3 years in the ocean, including scaled 32m waves during trials. 

Key Mooring Trial Findings:

  • Maximum mooring tensions experienced in a live environment measured only 20% of design load capacity.

  • Mooring System coped with gale force winds and scaled sea states of up to 32m.

  • Over 3 years of mooring tests have been successfully concluded without incident.


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