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OceanEnergy Flagship Products

OceanEnergy is now in a very strong position to commercialize the vast body of research and development it has invested in over the past 10 years. The sea is a limitless source of power and is a challenging environment, so in order to exploit wave energy commercially, there are a number of key components required.

OceanEnergy Vision

OceanEnergy is a world leader in Innovative Renewable Energy within the wave energy industry. Wave technology is one of the most exciting areas of untapped
energy potential and OceanEnergy have developed groundbreaking technology to harness the power of the ocean.

OceanEnergy OE35 Final assembly

OceanEnergy OE35 Launching

Mindseed and OceanEnergy partnership

                                          Press Release – 21 July 2021 Irish companies win European Space Agency contract to deliver ambitious study on the potential of space within the marine energy sector. Mindseed, a Dublin‐based ICT consultancy that...

A Vision for a Green Future

In an effort to increase sustainability, we are adopting more renewable sources of energy. Wind and solar are growing quickly, but OceanEnergy believe the most valuable and persistent renewable resource has yet to be fully realised: wave energy. 50% of the world’s...

OE USA deployment at test site in Hawaii

WAVE ENERGY CONVERSION PIONEER, OCEANENERGY, INKS MAJOR DEAL FOR DEPLOYMENT AT US NAVY WAVE ENERGY TEST SITE IN HAWAIIEnterprise Ireland portfolio firm’s “OE Buoy” marine hydrokinetic convertor to be fabricated by Oregon‐based Vigor. Some 7,000 miles separates Ireland...

Power Up while Cooling Down

WAVE DEVICE “OE BUOY” WILL OFFER MARINE-BASED BIG DATA CENTERS THE CHANCE TO POWER UP WHILE COOLING DOWN Off-Shore Data Centers, Desalination Plants, Naval Mission Power Platforms, Off-Shore Fish Farms, Carbon Capture and Grid Quality Electricity - With Reliable,...