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OE 35 Turbine

Ocean Energy Air Turbine Technology:

The power is generated by converting the air power to electrical power through a specially designed Siemens turbine. The challenge of Oscillating Water Column (OWC) turbine technology is to achieve satisfactory efficiency over a wide operating range. The airflow not only varies between zero and 100 percent, but also changes direction as it reciprocates. At the same time, the shaft rotation must be maintained in one direction.  The turbine has only one moving part which minimisesthe requirement for operations and maintenance interventions.

Oscillating Water Column turbine technology is the most successful and extensively studied technology for extracting energy from ocean waves.

OWCs can be located on the shoreline, near-shore or offshore. Incoming surface waves induce an oscillating flow of air within the chamber which, in turn, flows backwards and forwards through an air turbine installed in a duct connecting the chamber to the atmosphere. The turbine converts this reciprocal air movement into electrical energy.

The Turbine is manufactured from composite materials – no corrosion

Single moving part – the turbine rotor

Sealed bearings protect them from corrosion

All other exposed items are rated for water proof service

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