Connected Oceans

Data Storage

The ocean has the potential to provide substantial benefits for the rapidly growing energy requirements of data storage by providing the sustainable power for cooling and by using the sea to reduce the ambient temperature thus reducing further the cooling requirement. The OE Buoy has the power production capacity and onboard storage to facilitate large scale data processing and storage.

Ocean Research

The oceans are a key part of the global ecosystem and provide critical data for weather, scientific and climate change. The OE Buoy has the capacity to power these measurement instruments and associated hardware for extended periods of time using sustainable power.


Reliable communications at sea are vital for commercial operations and marine safety. The OE Buoy can provide sustainable and persistent power for this purpose. The OE Buoy can also be utilised to extend communications networks in addition to or independently of shore-based systems in coastal locations where land-based installations are impractical.


Ocean security is becoming more critical a vital feature of the marine environment. Border security and fishing rights are areas where the OE Buoy can provide the base for the infrastructure required for monitoring, recording and transmitting the data required for these activities.

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