OceanEnergy Buoy

OceanEnergy Buoy in Action

The OE Buoy has been deployed in Atlantic waters and has demonstrated the ability to generate power and survive the rigors of the ocean. Watch the video to see the buoy in action:

Operating Principle

Oscillating Water Column

The OceanEnergy Buoy has been designed around the oscillating water column principle. To ensure survivability the platform has only a single moving part. Watch the video to see how the buoy works:

A New Power Generation Platform

Ocean Energy’s cornerstone product is the OE Buoy. The OE Buoy is a wave power generation platform which is designed for survivability. The result of over 10 years of research and development is that the OE Buoy has only a single moving part and has just completed over 3 years of rigorous testing in Atlantic waters. To work in such a hostile environment the platform must be designed to extract energy from the waves efficiently and also survive the worst of ocean storms


Extreme Storms and Atlantic waves have confirmed the survivability of the OE Buoy as a power generation platform in the most extreme conditions. This is a testament to the design of the buoy and the simplicity of the functional design as well as the strength of the mooring technology.


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